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The Wyandotte Camera Club, founded in 1938, is the oldest camera club in the Kansas City Metro area.

Devoted to fine art of black & white photography, WCC includes members with varied photograph backgrounds, ranging in skills from beginners to professionals.

Unique among Kansas City camera clubs, WCC holds a monthly contest in both an "Assigned" category and an "Open" category; with entries judged by noted photographers both local and from across the country.

 The constructive critiques and suggestions, form an extremely helpful tool for our members' continued growth in this wonderful hobby.

Annual dues are $25, payable in September. WCC programs include classes in digital editing, ongoing discussions with other members regarding various techniques, equipment and photographic venues. Members use an assortment of camera types and brands; there is really no required equipment to participate, just the love of Black and White photography.

WCC normally meets on the second Wednesday of every month. Due to high demand on the library we have had to change some weeks and locations with in the library.(See the schedule below). WCC's season coincides with the "school year". The meeting begins at 6:30 P.M. in the Wyandotte County Library, West Branch, 1737 N. 82nd Street, Kansas City, Kansas. The normal length for a meeting is about one to one and a half hours. WCC takes the summer off for vacations, photographic shooting, and other activities.

         Upcoming meetings are scheduled as follows


  • Sep 19th,  2016 Main Auditorium 6:30 PM First Meeting
  • Oct 19th, 2016 Conference Room B 6:30 PM 
  • Nov 16th, 2016 Conference Room B 6:30 PM 
  • Dec 21st, 2016 Main Auditorium 6:30 PM 
  • Jan 18th 2017 Main Auditorium 6:30 PM  
  • Feb TBD 2017 Main Auditorium 6:30 PM 
  • Mar TBD  2017 Main Auditorium 6:30 PM
  • Apr  TBD 2017 Main Auditorium  6:30 PM 
  • May  TBD 2016 Main Auditorium 6:30 PM  Annual Awards Presentation

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