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Created 23-May-22
42 photos

Enjoy the club photographs from our last session, September 2021-May 2022.
The photographs are placed in awards order of 1st place through Honorable Mention.
"Looking at the Nose" by James Schultz 1st place"Quesadilla Night" by Bill Schopf 1st Place"Exotic Leaves" by Bill Schopf 1st Place"Haleakala Volcano" by Tom Wedbush 1st Place"Snow Sketch" by Ramon Magee 1st Place"Refractions thru a wine glass" by Tom Wedbush 1st Place"Death Spiral" by Calvin Burgess 1st Place"Whiskey Night" by Bill Schoph 1st Place"San Francisco Pier" by Marshall Rimann 1st Place"Big Boy" by Tom Mallot 1st place"Refraction" by Tom Wedbush 1st Place"Sad Isolation" by Travis Putman 1st Place"Lunar Phases" by Calvin Burgess 1st Place"Nature's Abstract" by Tom Wedbush 1st Place"Untold Stories" by Donna Long 1st Place"Riding the Wind" by James Schultz 2nd Place"Grab One, Turn One" by James Schultz 2nd Place"Many Panes" by Ramon Magee 2nd place"Fork Dancing" by Tom Wedbush 2nd Place"Loose Ends" by Donna Long 2nd Place

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