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Created 16-Jan-13
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"Afternoon Rain Drops" by Ramon Magee"Portrait" by Roberto Carlos"Awakening Visual Perception" by Donna Long"Blinded by the Light" by Spencer Carey"Whiskey Night" by Bill Schoph"Sunset on Nature's Canvas" by Donna Long"Reflections in Hot Wax" by Linda Russell"Moon Scape" by Ramon Magee"Convergence" by Donna Long"Whooty Whoo Hot Rod" by Steve Wall"End of the Line" by Donna Long"Rat Rod" by Travis Putman 1"Into the Grey" by Travis Putman"Moss Covered Truck" by Tom Mallot"Precision Tools" by Calvin Burgess"Wine Glasses 3x" by Donna LongPicture in a Picture" by Tom Wedbush"An Odd Arrangement"" by Donna Long"Refractions by Tom Wedbush"The Soul in Her Eyes" by Dennis Lindell

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