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Created 18-Jan-16
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"In the Box" by Spencer Carey 3rd Place"Vibes" by Spencer Carey 2nd Place"Power of the Sun" by Dennis Lindell 1st Place"Acute Stadium" by Travis Putman 2nd Place"The Bridge to No Where" by Dennis Lindell 3rd Place"Wood vs Brick" by James Schultz 1st Place"Brick Streets" By Dennis Lindell 2nd 11/23"San Francisco Pier" by Marshall Rimann 1st Place"Quesadilla Night" by Bill Schopf 1st Place"Untold Stories" by Donna Long 1st Place"Many Panes" by Ramon Magee 2nd place"State Fair" by James Schultz 2nd Place"Union Station" by Tom Mallot 3rd Place"Pickelmans" by Dennis Lindell 3rd Place"Standard Seed" by Dennis Lindell HM"Strat" by Travis Putman HM"Drawn to the Frame of God's Canvas" by Donna Long 1st Place"Downtown Square" Travis Putman 1st Place"Fox in the Sun" by Travis Putman Honorable MentionFoggy Day by Tom Wedbush 1st Place

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