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Created 18-Feb-16
27 photos

"39 Ford 60" Tom Mallot 1st Place"59 Fin" by Travis Putman 1st Place"End of the Line" by Donna Long 1st Place"Tom's 57" by Travis Putman 1st Place"Moss Covered Truck" by Tom Mallot 1st Place"Selfie" by Jim Jones 1st Place"T-Bucket Alternator" by Donna Long 2nd Place"Put Out to Pasture" by Donna Long Honorable Mention"Drought" by Calvin Burgess 2nd Place"View from a B-17" by Tom Wedbush Honorable Mention"The Cracked Case" by Travis Putman 2nd Place"Throttle AT&SF 811" by Calvin Burgess Honorable Mention"Toyota" by Jim Jones Honorable Mention"Got Lights" by Steve Wall 1st Place"Just Add Oil" by Steve Wall 2nd Place"Into the Grey" by Travis Putman 1st Place"Whooty Whoo Hot Rod" by Steve Wall Honorable Mention"Earth Movers" by Bill Hughes"Classic Stop" by Tom Wedbush Honorable Mention"Wild Thing" by Steve Wall 3rd Place

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