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Created 20-Nov-19
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Bernadotte Anderson 18th Century Stairway no dateBernadotte Anderson A Nose Fly Feb 1963Bernadotte Anderson Balustrade in Stone no dateBernadotte Anderson Jonquils and Pussy Willow no dateBernadotte Anderson no title Jan 1961Bernadotte Anderson Sanctuary at Eventide no dateBernadotte Anderson The Snow Tramps Dec 1965Bernadotte Anderson Tryst Falls Sep 1959Bernadotte Anderson A Simple Bouquet May 1965Bernadotte Anderson Church of our Good Shepherd Apr 1952Bernadotte Anderson Guiding Lights to Memories Jun 1954Bernadotte Anderson Snow Tramps Dec 1965Bernadotte Anderson TheSphinxBernadotte Anderson Twin SpansBernadotte Anderson Wheel of Yesteryear February 1967Clarence Rood 1st Pilgam Mar 1968Clarence Rood Autumn 1969Clarence Rood Bridge Open Nov 1972Clarence Rood Chalet Roof Mar 1964Clarence Rood Liberty Memorial May 1964

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