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Created 18-Jan-16
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"Flowing Through" by Bill Schopf 1st Place"Prow" by James Schultz 1st Place"Grasses Swaying" by Bill Schopf 3rd Place 11/23"Shadows through the Trees" by Calvin Burgess 1st Place 10/23"Bloomimng Daffodills" by Dennis Lindell 2nd Place 10/23"Into the Mountain" by Bill Schopf 2nd Place 10/23"Forward" by Bill Staudenmaier 3rd Place 10/23"Moon Scape" by Ramon Magee 1sy Place"Haleakala Volcano" by Tom Wedbush 1st Place"Burt Trees" by James Schultz 1st Place"Exotic Leaves" by Bill Schoph 1st place"Lunar Phases" by Calvin Burgess 1st Place"Snow Sketch" by Ramon Magee 1st Place"Nature's Abstract" by Tom Wedbush 1st Place"Sitting Tight" by Bill Schopf 2nd Place"Mono Lake" by James Schultz 2nd Place"Tulips" by Tom Mallot 2nd Place"Arches National Park" by James Schultz 2nd Place"Dogwood and a Cedar Tree" by Tom Mallot 3rd place"Serenity" by Bill Schopf HM

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