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"Snake River Autumn in Jackson Hole WY." by Brad Short 3 Place"Stom is a Coming" by Tom Wedbush"July Snowflake" by Donna Long Honorable Mention"Be still and Know" by Donna Long Honorable Mention"Ready for Flight" by Donna Long Honorable Mention"Sunset on Nature's Canvas" by Donna Long 1st Place"Larger Than Life" by Donna Long 1st Place"1 Tomatoe 2 Tomato" by William Staudenmaier 3rd Place"Wrinkles in Time" by Donna Long 2nd Place"No Wind Today" by Linda Russell Honorable Mention"After the Storm" by Travis Putman 3rd Place"Leaf #1" by Tom Mallot 2nd Place"Storm Clouds Gathering" by Tom Mallot 2nd Place"Tulip Shadows" by Linda Russell 3rd Place"Kansas" by Jim Jones Honorable Mention"Moth Orchid" by Steve Wall Honorable Mention"Storm Gathering" by Steve Wall 1st Place"Over and Under the Toadstool" by Linda Russell 3rd Place"Larger than Life" by Travis Putman 1st Place"Snake River View" by Brad Short 3rd Place

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