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Created 18-Jan-16
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"All Hail The Stanley" by Travis Putman 2nd place"Hot Head" by Tom Wedbush 3rd Place"The Fence" by Dennis Lindell 2nd Place"Chair in the Sun" by Tom Mallot 3rd Place"Stairs into the Light" by Travis Putman 3rd Place"Whale of a Tale" Cathy Moffett 1st Place"Wine Glasses" by Donna Long"No More Margaritas for You" by Tom Wedbush 2nd Place"A Smooth Finish" by Donna Long 1st Place"Mayberry USA" by Calvin Burgess 3rd Place"An Odd Arrangement"" by Donna Long 1st Place."Pearls of Light" by Donna Long 1st Pl ace"Awakening Visual Perception" by Donna Long Honorable Mention"Intricacies of a Forgotten Past" by Donna Long 2nd Place"Precision Tools" by Calvin Burgess 3rd Place"Can You Here Me Know?" by Donna Long 3rd Place"Defying Gravity" by Donna Long""Antique Window" by Tom Mallot 3rd Place"Reflections in Hot Wax" by Linda Russell 2nd Place"Just Ring" by Steve Wall 1st Place

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