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"Miss Katie" by Steve Wall 1st PlacePicture in a Picture" by Tom Wedbush 3rd Place"Veiled Eyes" by Tom Mallot 2nd Place"Not Even Tempted" by Donna Long 1st Place"Warming Up" by Calvin Burges 3rd Place"Math is Hard" by Tom Wedbush 3rd Place"The Fat Lady Sings" by Donna Long 3rd Place"Seagull" by Calvin Burgess Honorable Mention"Belgian by a Nose" by Calvin Burgess 3rd Place"The Vigil" by Brad Short Honorable Mention"Chasing Summer" by Donna Long Honorable Mention"Music Man" by Brad Short 2nd Place"Follow the Leader" by Tom Mallot Honorable Mention"Elizabeth" by Jim Jones 2nd Place"The Steal" by Jim Jones Honorable Mention"No Turning Back" by Donna Long 2nd Place"First Fish" by Tom Wedbush Honorable Mention"Waiting Out the Rain" by Donna Long 2nd Place"Generation Gap" by Tom Wedbush Honorable Mention"Firelight" by Linda Russell 3rd Place

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